What Alexis Sanchez can bring to Arsenal

by admin on July 13, 2014

sanchez-new-kit As always, the silly season is full of suspense as to who we will sign. It is even worse during a  World Cup year, where some of the best players in the world are away and deals are harder to get done. After the tension and drama of having to wait until the last minute for Ozil last season, fans could be forgiven for being sceptical about transfers going down to the wire this time as well. This is why it was a pleasant surprise to have Alexis Sanchez, a world class wide forward, done so early on in the window. Our second most expensive player is an exciting prospect for us for many reasons and is another indication of our ambition. So what can Alexis Sanchez bring to Arsenal?

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Let’s talk about Cesc, baby

by admin on June 12, 2014



It is the eve of the World Cup but it is also the silly season, and in the silly season there’s plenty of speculation in the press that gets tongues wagging, none moreso than the recent revelation that our former captain, Cesc Fabregas would be leaving Barcelona. Initially it was believed that we would exercise our buy-back clause in his contract and finally answer the long awaited question amongst Gooners of who would replace Cesc Fabregas (with the answer being Cesc Fabregas!).

Unfortunately it has been revealed from several sources including reliable ones such as the BBC that we will not be exercising this option and Fabregas will not be an Arsenal player once more. Is this the right decision? The short answer is no, but the long (probably right) answer is yes. [click to continue…]


3 things we learned from the FA CUP Champions! Arsenal 3-2 Hull City

May 21, 2014

1. Mental strength was shown It was absolutely gutting to go 2-0 down at such an early stage. The overall thinking of it all was basically “not this again”, and if I’m honest, we were lucky that this was Hull City and not an elite team (with due respect) because things could have got really […]

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3 things we learned from Norwich City 0-2 Arsenal

May 13, 2014

1. We’ve really missed Aaron Ramsey It goes without saying, but we have really missed our Welsh maestro. He started the season with a bang, and reminded us yesterday just what we’ve been missing. Its this sort of consistency that really shows that this wasn’t just a fluke season for him, he’s back and picked […]

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3 things we learned from: Arsenal 1-1 Wigan (4-2 on penalties)

April 14, 2014

We are still alive, although given the performances of recent weeks, it felt as though we came back from the dead. It wasn’t vintage Arsenal, but it got the job done and now we are one win away from an elusive trophy after nine long years.

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Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: More questions than answers

March 24, 2014

  The dust has finally settled on what felt like was an atomic bomb planted on our title aspirations, a bomb, placed by ourselves. It is hard to even make out the words on what to write after that, it is just an absolute aberration, and I can only wonder what is going through the […]

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3 things we learned from Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Arsenal

March 18, 2014

1. Rosicky is as reliable as ever It seems like our Little Mozart has been around forever. Signed just before the World Cup in 2006, he has been a constant at the club ever since. It is a shame that injuries kept him out for so long during the past few seasons. Although he has […]

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3 things we learned from Bayern Munich 1-1 Arsenal

March 14, 2014

1. It was a decent result on the night, but we will regret the first leg I’m sure before this two legged tie, if someone gave you 1-1 at the Allianz Arena, you’d take it, despite the fact we’d won 2-0 there last year. The result on its own was a very good one given […]

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Haters are silenced and form is recaptured: Arsenal 4-1 Everton

March 10, 2014

We are going to Wembley! It is indeed a wonderful feeling given the blows the likes of Bayern Munich, Stoke and Liverpool have inflicted on us in recent weeks. No matter what happens this entire FA Cup campaign will have been played in London. The home advantage has certainly helped us, but nobody could deny […]

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Four things we learned from Arsenal 4-1 Sunderland

February 24, 2014

1. We bounced back again Might be stating the obvious, but it is all about comparing to last season. Our confidence in the last couple of seasons has been terrible. Coming off a loss like that to Bayern Munich, in previous seasons we’d have lost a game like this and then would hit a form […]

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