Why Arsenal must finish 6th this season

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But hear me out. Desperate times are calling for desperate measures. Regardless of whether Wenger is at the helm next season, or if it is a new manager, something has to give, we must think outside the box in order to attain success. The capitulation at Bayern was as strong a omen as any and must be the final nail in the coffin in the Champions League not just for this year, but maybe a couple of years to come.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Wenger has given us Champions League for over 20 seasons now, but what has he ever achieved in the competition? Reaching the final was a great achievement in 2006, but in the last six years we have been annihilated in the first knock out round. This is about to become seven. Let’s not kid ourselves, we are making up the numbers in a competition we have absolutely no hope of winning, at least not until the manager changes, but even if Wenger does leave us this summer you cannot expect a new manager to win it so soon either.

So what’s the solution? Don’t play in the Champions League. Simple as that.

While it may hurt not playing amongst Europe’s elite, it has been proven time and again that not having European football has had tremendous benefits when it has come to performing domestically, especially in recent times. Fixture congestion has ensured that players tire out, and having players fresh for long periods of time is paramount to success in May.

In 2012, Manchester City were knocked out of the Champions League in the group stages. They went on to win a historic title in May.

In 2014, Liverpool came within a Gerrard slip of the title. They had no Champions League that season and could fully focus on league success.

In 2016, Leicester City overcame the odds to win the Premier League. Again, no European football in sight. The fact that they are struggling in the league having to juggle both tournaments this time, is partially due to fixture congestion.

And finally you have 2017 Champions-elect Chelsea, who have gone strength to strength under Conte and will run away with the title. Again, no Champions League.

This isn’t to say you cannot be successful in both tournaments, Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson have been successful in juggling both tournaments with reasonable success, but Wenger never has. Even when he got to the final in 2006, we scrapped into 4th place in the league in what was to be an omen for our regular fourth place finishes in the coming years.

One thing is for sure, Wenger definitely cannot win the title while he’s playing both tournaments, his best chance is to just let go of the Champions League to at least give us a chance at winning the league. The same goes if a new manager like Allegri does come in, he can fully focus on the league, and who knows, he could emulate Conte and win it in his first year.

Bottom line is Arsenal are an absolute joke in the Champions League, have never had a chance of winning it and should not be in it for the foreseeable future. Finishing sixth this season could be for the greater good.

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