Transfer discussion

Petr Cech has joined us. It is the quality world-class goalkeeper we have craved since the days of Jens Lehmann. There’s a perception by many football analysts that a goalkeeper’s influence on a team isn’t that great, and as such they don’t cost as much in the transfer market as […]

Why Petr Cech is worth 10 points a season to ...

Well, what a whirlwind transfer window, in particular the deadline day. We were crying out for a marquee signing and we had to be patient, until the very last day when Wenger finally delivered the “super quality” player we have craved. Real Madrid players and fans are up in arms […]

Why Mesut Özil is the perfect midfielder for Arsenal

Another day, another transfer rumour. This is the worst part of the year, not least because there is no Arsenal to watch, but because of all the garbage that is published and passed off as “journalism”. I mean, seriously? You adamantly write an article about how we activated Fellaini’s […]

Why Fellaini could be an imposing Vieira-style player in Arsenal’s ...