Four things we learned from Arsenal 3-0 Dinamo Zagreb 1

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez is not human

Often at times we will complain about a player who earns way too much for what they contribute on the pitch, for example someone like a Wayne Rooney who’s earning £300k a week. Then you see the effort, heart and desire of Alexis Sanchez and you feel as though he deserves every penny for his efforts. Out of the nine Champions League goals we have scored this season he has been involved in all but 2 of them. Last night he scored a brillant brace and it probably should have been more but for some poor refereeing not allowing a clear penalty. This man will give every last breath for you, he’s willing to die for the cause it seems. One moment summed him up. Us being 2-0 up and with about 10 seconds left in the half, Alexis is furiously chasing a ball trying to stop it from going out, sliding in full stretch. Most if not all players wouldn’t worry about that sort of thing, we are winning the game, half time is upon us, it is not that important, but the fact that Alexis went for that the way he did sums him up as a player. How does he get the energy? How is he able to put so much effort in week in, week out? The attitude and work ethic of this man is unlike any I’ve seen put on the Arsenal shirt.

Ozil continues his magic

When he is at his best he is mesmerising to the eyes. It is not just the weight of the passing, but the control, the movement on and off the ball and the world class touch that makes him a complete playmaker. Early on in his career he did struggle with the physicality of the Premier League, with teams often targeting him, however now that he’s adapted, he has reached the peak of his powers. In this match he had it all, and just when you thought he was cramped for room the odd flick/backheel would not only get him out of trouble, but would create an opening for his fellow attackers. The early goal was just reward for a tremendous performance. If we are to win the title this season, we need this Ozil to turn up more often than not.

Campbell had his best game in an Arsenal shirt

As frustrating as it was to see him miss in front of goal again, he really bossed the midfield and often looked like Ozil’s sidekick at times. His passing was a joy to watch, and the statistics back him up with 6 out of 7 passes successful passes into the 18 yard box, one of which of course leading to Sanchez’s goal. Eye of the needle stuff it felt like that ball passed 5-6 Dinamo Zagreb players as it was played in from the right. I know we have slated this kid in the past, but Wenger did see something in him, otherwise he wouldn’t be playing for us. These things do take time and with him having an extended run in the team due to injuries to the Ox and Walcott, we are finally seeing the young man reach his potential. I still think his finishing needs some work. The volley he had on goal was a little difficult I agree, but he had nobody around him and could have used the time to make it a more accurate shot and at least make the goalkeeper work. This coupled with the horrendous miss against West Brom on the weekend means he still has some way to go but a fantastic performance nonetheless.

The counter attack is still our deadliest weapon

It is sometimes funny that we play this possession game when we can hurt teams the most when we counter attack, and those are often the most beautiful goals we score as well. Take Ozil’s goal for example. From deep in our half it’s Santi to Bellerin to Santi to Ozil to Giroud to Santi to Flamini to Sanchez down the wing for Ozil to head it in. Quick play, brilliant movement off the ball with Santi in particular touching the ball several times, just a joy to watch. Some of our best goals have been scored this way. I’m not fully against the whole possession game, but if we are to play to our strengths it is good to build from the back, or to intercept the ball and break once in a while.

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One thought on “Four things we learned from Arsenal 3-0 Dinamo Zagreb

  • Morsas

    no, not anymore. he’s lost erityvheng he used to have, and who knows why. probably a fat paypacket and too much caviar and stilton.on his day he was an unpredictable, delightfully creative and skillful player. on his day. i await to be proven wrong, i really do, because he definitely has/had the potential. with hindsight, it makes me wonder why such a player doesn’t manage to get a move to a major league a bit younger.after only three games, and looking at the work rate of the entire team so far this season, i don’t think he could pull his weight and keep the fans satisfied. i would really, really love to be disproven, because, for me he has bags of ability, and is actually a really nice, funny character, and a benefit to the team in that respect. right now he lacks desire, direction and fitness. adding depth means challenging for a first team place, not just having a name on the bench (berbatov just fucked off to fulham ffs, but h possesses qualities not too dissimilar to ). arshavin doesn’t really fit that bill, if we’re being honest with ourselves. 4 4