It’s time for some perspective ahead of the North London derby

Arsenal Swansea

It is safe to say that the Emirates Stadium not the place to be on Wednesday night. The air was so toxic, with pollution produced by Arsene Wenger and his men. You could cut the tension with the knife. Everyone is angry and they have every right to be. They’ve had their hopes raised and felt like their hearts have been trampled on year after year. This is unacceptable from our great club. The title that we yearn for is slipping through our greasy fingers.

All is not what it seems however, as this is a Premier League season is like a rollercoaster ride that would make the most seasoned theme park-goer nauseous.  With over a quarter of this rollercoaster ride left you can bet there will be more ups, downs, twists and turns to come.

We look deflated. From the manager down, not a single player is performing to his potential. Ever since our 3-3 draw at Anfield, our results have been DLWDWWDLLL in all competitions. Only two of those are wins in the Premier League.

We can start with the defence and all of Gabriel, Mertesacker and Koscielny have been guilt of rash individual errors at the back which have cost us dearly. Coquelin simply hasn’t been old self. Giroud, Walcott and Ox have struggled to find the net. I can only assume that the Chilean guy who comes onto the pitch that looks exactly like Alexis Sanchez is some sort of imposter/evil twin. I just don’t understand how you can go from world class to ‘air-swinging’, not once, but several times. Even Ozil at times looks disinterested, his goal at Old Trafford, one to bring us back into the game had little celebration attached to it.

Then there’s the manager, who, for the first time in 12 years has a chance to win the title, and cannot motivate his players. Moreover, some of the substitutions he’s made are mind boggling. From taking off Giroud against Chelsea to insisting on Theo Walcott and Flamini to unfairly substituting Joel Campbell on Wednesday night.

We do have 99 problems, but the thing is our traditional rivals have more. You see this is a season unlike any other. Chelsea, Man United and Man City will not be winning the title. They have similar problems to us, except worse, in terms of players, their manager and lacking form in general. The fact of the matter is they are below us in the table and despite all the money they’ve spent. One thing is clear, the league as a whole has increased in standard. Gone are the days where you could take a win for granted. That goes for everyone, not just Arsenal.

We are six points off the top. There are ten games to play. Stranger things have happened. Yes, there is plenty to be concerned about, but if you think about it, its not like anyone else in this league doesn’t have their fair share of problems. The league isn’t about getting 100 points, its about getting more points than anyone else. We don’t need to turn everything upside down and be perfect, we only need to improve in some areas and that will be enough, given this roller coaster of a season that every team is having.

Do I think we will win the league? Maybe. Do I think we are out of it? Absolutely not. With 10 games to go, both Leicester and Spurs have a tough run in and will drop points. Something like 75-80 points will be enough for the eventual champion. Given that in the last three seasons we’ve finished on 73, 79 and 75 points we are more than capable of reaching this target. Those seasons weren’t our finest but I again stress that that amount of points will be enough given how tough the league is this season.

So let’s try to put things into perspective. I know it is hard to have faith right now given the form we are in but the title isn’t as far as you think. I will stop short of saying we will win the title, but it is definitely closer than you think. We just need to turn a corner and get some things, not even all the things, just some things right and we we will be there. The question of whether we do turn that corner remains to be seen.


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