Jack Wilshere’s masterclass 3

Wilshere all class against WBA

Nice short post for today. It was finally good to get a win on Saturday, finally something really positive happening for once. While all the headlines were for Cazorla and the referee, Wilshere is the one that was truly making the most noise.

Jack was all class, everything he touched turned to magic, I’d pay money just to see that passing game of his. To me his performance in this game sort of felt more important than the goals themselves, that’s how good I think it was. Its up there with the best individual performance by a player this season. Here’s a wrap of his masterclass:


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3 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere’s masterclass

  • giwa jimoh

    that is why wilshere is call soft touch. He passes d ball with simple soft touches and the ball goes far to where he command d ball to. He was born just to pass ball as he want and at ease.

  • Wendy

    Wow 3 grand from a premiership ftolbaloer how big of him honestly the arrogance of ftolbaloers ok he’s asking for a quid which is fair enough but the way he’s gone about it is more to do with getting up spurs. Fans noses than a good deed.He needs to grow up if he really wants to raise money for charity why isn’t it a wks wages, he should be trying to have a bet btween arsenal & spurs squad of wk wages who finishes higher & then ask fans to make a donation on top of it,I might have some respect for him then instead of at moment where its clear he’s just rubbing his own ego.