It is fair to say that at present, Arsenal football club is at a crossroads. Over the course of our history the last 20 years or so with Arsene Wenger have been the most successful in our history. A new stadium, world class players it has been fantastic to be […]

The case for keeping Arsene Wenger

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But hear me out. Desperate times are calling for desperate measures. Regardless of whether Wenger is at the helm next season, or if it is a new manager, something has to give, we must think outside the box in order to attain success. The capitulation at […]

Why Arsenal must finish 6th this season

Death, taxes and another Champions League tie against Bayern Munich. Yes it is happening again, and it starts tonight with the first leg at Allianz Arena. Provided Arsenal can play their best, there are many reasons why there is a much greater chance of being the German giants this time […]

4 reasons why Arsenal can beat Bayern Munich

In the aftermath of the Chelsea defeat, a loss that made Chelsea odds on to win the title a lot has been made of Gary Neville’s comments about Arsenal fans, in particular the ones who interview after the matches on Arsenal Fan TV. Neville called the channel ‘embarrassing’ and called […]

Gary Neville must understand that without the fans, football is ...

Dear Arsene, Nothing ever changes at this club does it? Before the match even started I was certain we would lose in the manner that we did, it was up to you and the players to prove me wrong, but you couldn’t. Yet another insipid, dire, disastrous result against a […]

RE: Same old, same old: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

Dear Arsene, The transfer window is over and we have our first win of the season. Perez and Mustafi have joined the ranks and we are all looking forward to seeing them in action after the international break. The man we signed much earlier in the window, Granit Xhaka, is […]

RE: Why signing Granit Xhaka could see a tactical shift ...

Dear Arsene, You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Yes, we are two games into the season and we are already 5 points adrift of the two Manchester clubs. It could hardly get any worse, but the sheer manner in which we’ve dropped these points is beyond frustrating. It is one […]

RE: Arsene Wenger taking ‘losing the plot’ to another level: ...

Dear Arsene, A good win over Manchester City yesterday, even though it was just a friendly. It is always a positive to win no matter what, so I would like to point this out first. Unfortunately this is where the positivity ends. If we believe that a pre-season win against […]

RE: Arsenal: The definition of insanity

Dear Arsene, As we continue on in the silly season, there have been rumours that we should be patient when it comes to transfers as you are try to pull off some ‘madness’. It is true, particularly in the last three seasons, that you’ve seriously pulled rabbits out of the […]

RE: Madness, madness everywhere at Arsenal