RE: Arsene Wenger taking ‘losing the plot’ to another level: Leicester City 0-0 Arsenal 6


Dear Arsene,

You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Yes, we are two games into the season and we are already 5 points adrift of the two Manchester clubs. It could hardly get any worse, but the sheer manner in which we’ve dropped these points is beyond frustrating. It is one thing for you to get a couple of things wrong, it’s an entire thing altogether to mess everything possible up. You really have lost the plot.

It all started before the game. In your pre-match press conference you told us how great Sanchez was and how he’s as good as Luis Suarez, and how we have an abundance of strikers at the club. You even had the nerve to mention Sanogo.

This is wrong on so many levels and was only confirmed by Sanchez’s performance. It was a shocking one but I don’t really blame him. He was hardly comfortable down the middle he continued to find himself on the wing or deeper, so for all intents and purposes we did not have a striker at the weekend. Alexis simply did not want to play down the middle because it is not suited to him, and just drifted to the positions that he is strongest. Sending long balls to a brilliantly technical but very short player is not going to work against Huth and Morgan. It was an insane decision.

Koscielny had a brilliant game and seemed to rub off on Holding who also played a great match. The question is, why wasn’t he there for the Liverpool game? Once again, your insanity. Here we have your old mate Bacary Sagna playing a full 90 minutes for Manchester City last week, yet you believe that none of our EURO 2016 players are fit? Scratch that, you do believe one of them was fit, and that was Aaron Ramsey. So why the inconsistency and hypocrisy? Why is Ramsey OK and not Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny? Without Koscielny at Leicester we’d have lost easily. If we had him for the Liverpool game who knows what could have happened?

Then came the substitutions. Look, despite everything I’ve said above, let’s pretend for argument’s sake the Ozil and Giroud weren’t match fit but could still play a decent amount of the game. Why would you bring them on so late in a game when we were desperate for a goal? Why not at half time or at least the hour mark? You saw the immediate impact that Ozil had on the game, his trickery meant that Theo Walcott was actually through on goal! What a sight.

Speaking of which, I cannot believe you persist with Theo Walcott for 10 years, I mean seriously in that time all he’s done is grow a beard! He was so ineffective against Leicester, and this is after the farcical slanging match you both had in the media where he said he’s given up being a striker while you say he still is, all the while not having enough faith in him last season to start him ahead of Iwobi. Theo Walcott really sums up Arsenal at the moment, a player who’s had potential ever since we moved to the Emirates and showed flashes of brilliance, but never actually became world class, yet we still persist with him and don’t change. Sound familiar?

Back to the substitutes, so you make them late, but instead of taking off the useless Walcott, you take off the industrious Oxlade-Chamberlain. Unlike Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain was actually taking on the fullback he was actually trying to create something, but by your logic, Walcott stays on. It is admirable the faith and persistence you have in our players, but bloody hell, there is such a thing as too much faith. Why the hell haven’t you sold on this passenger yet?

Then there’s your other substitute. As much as I love Coquelin, his discipline leaves much to be desired. Do you remember White Hart Lane earlier this year? Do you remember begging him not to get that second yellow in your half time team talk? Yeah he did didn’t he? What happened at Leicester? A early yellow. When it came to make the substitution, you take off Xhaka and leave Coquelin on, which again is insane! Coquelin actually also made a second bookable offence, and the referee was just about to pull out the second yellow but when he realised it was Coquelin he kept the card out of his pocket. The tackle was reckless and he deserved to be sent off and I wish he did just so that people realise how stupid you were for not taking him off in the first place. The referee was nice to us then and to Bellerin as well, a stone wall penalty. We did not deserve a point from that match.

Finally came the press conference. When asked about transfers you wax lyrical about Rob Holding not costing £55m. Please do not patronise us. We appreciate young talent as much as the next person and the price tag does not matter but it is abundantly clear that we must invest in this squad with world class players, who, shockingly, cost lots of money.

Then came the ‘icing on the cake’ moment. That you cannot spend money on players because you have a responsibility to the 600 employees that work at the club. I am not even going to do the maths on that one, that statement is down right patronising, and is disrespectful to the fans. You don’t see any other club say such horrendously embarassing things, so why is our club any different, a club that is actually quite rich?

Arsene remember, you have failed to deliver the title in 12 years now, and it will be 13 years when we fail to win it in May next year. We will be lucky to get your coveted 4th place trophy at this rate also. The disillusionment the fans feel at the moment is that the club is already struggling in terms of quality players in the transfer market, keeping our players fit and being competitive for the big trophies. On top of all this you made several basic mistakes against Leicester this weekend both on and off the field. We really should have put you out of your misery 5 years ago when you lost 8-2 to to Manchester United.
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6 thoughts on “RE: Arsene Wenger taking ‘losing the plot’ to another level: Leicester City 0-0 Arsenal

  • ebere

    Most of your comments are true. Wenger is so stubborn that he has lost touch with football tactics.

    If he had played Koscielny during our clash with Liverpool, we would have won the match.

    I have stopped expecting anything from Wenger, most especially when it comes to transfer dealings.

  • Crusader

    It really is time for the French fraud to go. You are so right in your summary and the decision to leave Coquelin on was totally risky, only thanks to a ref who leant over backwards to give Arsenal everything.

  • GoonerGed

    again it seems that arsenal are struggling already and will be lucky to win the fa cup this season, i do not think it is all arsne fault, but some of the players do not really care about the club, they have no passion or pride for arsenal, they do not fight to win the game.
    Arsenal have world class players and yet they struggle to even draw some games. there is not much fighting spirit in the team as in other Arsenal teams, might have something to do with the stupid creast we have got now, previous Arsenal teams thought for the badge on the shirt, this one we have got now is shit, uninspiring and certaintly not worth fighting for. It does not represent the ARSENAL spirit,history and all that is great about AFC.
    GoonerGed, 45 years a GUNNER.