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Arsenal Madness

Dear Arsene,

As we continue on in the silly season, there have been rumours that we should be patient when it comes to transfers as you are try to pull off some ‘madness’. It is true, particularly in the last three seasons, that you’ve seriously pulled rabbits out of the hat in the form of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech. We are all wondering what ‘madness’ awaits this year. Unfortunately with nothing more to go on I can only comment on the ‘madness’ that is occurring at the club currently, and nothing makes me more mad the moment than Theo Walcott and Ivan Gazidis.

Aah Theo Walcott. Where do we begin?

The youngster with such a bright future that we plucked from Southampton a decade ago (yes, it has been a decade). It is true that he’s shown some of that potential throughout the years, and has made an impact against big teams. Unfortunately these have been the exception and not the rule, and given how far he fell down the pecking order last season, it is almost as if we are back to square one. We may as well be in 2006, especially with quotes like this:

“I know I can do a job up front, as well as on the right. I want to make my position on the right – that’s where I know where I am now.”

Seriously? Is this a person who’s been with us for 10 years or a 16 year old giving his first press conference for the club?

The worst kept secret in the world is that Walcott has always wanted to be a striker. Early on his career he was deployed on the right and that was understandable, a lot of young pacy players do start out there, dare I say, Thierry Henry started there too? Unfortunately, unlike the number 14 shirt Walcott acquired, Walcott has not been able to make this transition.

The situation is farcical.

For his most recent contract negotiations stalled over this very issue. You then played him as striker for a few games, he signed the contract (which by the way was a bumper £140k a week deal), and almost immediately he stopped playing in that position. As time wore on he fell behind the likes of Campbell and Iwobi in the pecking order.

I do not even know where to begin. If you knew he wasn’t going to cut it as a striker why did you make him believe he would play there regularly? Why the increase in wage for a player who doesn’t have your full faith?

But here we are, one the highest paid players at our club, who struggles to even get a position on the bench. If he really is that bad, why don’t you sell him and/or why doesn’t he want to leave? If there is still potential there (even after 10 years of trying) then why isn’t he being given that chance? Whichever way you look at it, it is farcical, it is pure ‘madness’.

We complain about transfers, yet we keep players that we don’t use on high wages, high wages which could be used on new players, which brings me to my next point, your good mate Ivan Gazidis.

It is no secret that we weren’t competitive in the transfer market for a while, mainly due to the stadium debt and vast amounts of oil money both across London and all over Europe. All that changed on the 2nd of September 2013, when we signed Mesut Ozil, for £42.5m, annihilating our transfer record.

That year Gazidis went on the record to say:

“We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich. This is an extraordinarily ambitious club. We can look at some options that weren’t really in our financial capability. We also have revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you”

It all made sense. The record signing of Ozil, and such a statement from the CEO with such conviction, there was reason to be optimistic. The proof was already there and we were pretty much promised more would come. Fast forward 3 years however, and Gazidis had this to say:

“We are making progress in what is a fiercely competitive world, against competitors that have the capability to spend far more money than we do. We have to be careful, very selective about how we do things. We can’t afford to outgun competitors that have far more money to splurge on transfer fees than we do”.

Wow. So we’ve gone from being a club with a “sky is the limit” type ambition to a club with limiting beliefs and a club full of excuses.

Regardless of what he said in 2013 and how true it was at the time, what he is saying now is far more believable purely because he is being so careful and conservative about everything he is saying.

As a lifelong fan of this great club I feel short changed. We pay the most expensive season ticket in the country, we spend on merchandise every year, but when it comes to you and Gazidis spending, we often only hear excuses.

It may be very true that you are trying to pull off some ‘madness’ late in this transfer window, but can you blame me for thinking that you won’t? The CEO has openly said that we cannot compete so even if you use your brilliant persuasive skills to attract some of the best players, we simply may not be to compete financially, so what’s the point? Like I said last week, why would Mahrez come to us?

Our inability to compete financially and our mediocre results every year, will make it difficult to attract any player.

Add to the madness that is Theo Walcott, probably one of the most expensive ‘deadwood’ player in the league’s history, making our already tough financial situation worse.

It is ‘madness’ at Arsenal of the worst kind at the moment, I just hope that, you can somehow pull off some of the more positive style of ‘madness’ by the time this transfer window ends.

Yours Faithfully,


Arsenal Blogger

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3 thoughts on “RE: Madness, madness everywhere at Arsenal

  • Willy Young

    Spot on post! I now get it we aren’t going to ever compete for players against Barca Real PSG or even Manure but given we are London’ biggest club a super global City paying highest ticket prices it pisses me off sometimes!

    How can Manure when we can’t

    I love homegrown you players succeeding but the ones we have been relying on are not good enough ( Walcott / Ox / wheelchair ) I agree with the wages they are on its in the words of Andre Insania

    Every new season fans are pissed off before a ball has been kicked again !!!

    Apkom I fear is not the answer v LFC and Sanogo why are we still paying his wages hmmm

  • william

    i think wenger has lost it completely, after 18years of being a gunner,.i am really dissatisfied at the transfer so far,.pls how can arsenal compete againt pep gardiola’s rich talented side or against man unitied newly reciuted strike force…..when we have dead wood every where………n weak injury prone players who r busy jumping about now but once d league begins they will relax on the sick table,pls why blame van persie,wenger is not trophy focused he is after making money….fans in england should pls bouycourt every match till transfer window closes or till enger leaves or changes his idea , i love arsenal but wenger should encourage us african fans to uphold our bragging right its all we desire…..pls arsene wenger pls

  • Milly

    What a well written article that points out the hypocrisy of the management, from Wenger to Gazidis the CEO. It is clear for all to see that The Arsenal FC is just a business that is stock holder driven ( unfortunately there is no real thought for the FAN other than to keep paying the ticket prices and stop complaining ) and all dealings are based on that view, to increase the profits for the share holders or to maintain the dividends paid to them. To maintain this the only requirement is for AW to get Arsenal in the top four so as to remain in the Champions league and go out by the last 16. This generates the 20 million that the share holders depends on. With this mind there is no need to then have a team that is potentially capable of winning anything ( which means there is no need to go for expensive top end blue chip players ) But from time to time they must throw a bone to the fans to keep them from revolting in the form of Ozil, Chec etc.
    For at least the last 6 years as Arsenal fans we go through ground hog day every transfer period based on a lucky dip principle. That Wenger willingly goes into last chance saloon to get so called ” required players ” on the last day with the knowledge that if it fails then all is lost. Is that a sound management practice?
    We have a manager who is so suck in his ways that we starter the season at a disadvantage as all other managers will know how we will play under him. Its clear that our defence does not practice basic principles of defence work as Wenger believes that technical ability will out. The Arsenal fan and football fan from where it started off under Wenger to where HE is now should have noticed the chage and the change is not good for football as a sport but this is clearly the way for football as a business. Bye bye foootball fan under Wenger or as a fan under Wenger be happy with what we have and have had. Be happy with mediocracy as our only reward.