RE: Same old, same old: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal 3

Dear Arsene,

Nothing ever changes at this club does it? Before the match even started I was certain we would lose in the manner that we did, it was up to you and the players to prove me wrong, but you couldn’t. Yet another insipid, dire, disastrous result against a big team. I just cannot understand why people still think we are a big club. The fact that we hardly perform against big clubs, especially away is the very thing that separates us from the big boys.

A shaky, yet nervous start. Yes things looked promising, but did things for Chelsea, they looked just as threatening. Then the inevitable moment. I’m not even going to start with Bellerin, it is a cop out of an excuse. Coquelin sloppy in possession, cross allowed into the box. If that wasn’t bad enough Bellerin literally did everything while the rest of the team sat and watched. Where were the centrebacks? Why wasn’t Walcott helping out? Bellerin went in for the first challenge and then had to back up for second challenge and got a concussion for his efforts while the rest of the team watched, including Cech, who probably could have made more of an effort given it was right next to him in the end.

I am sick and tired of the excuses that it was a foul. In my opinion it was a 50-50, sometimes they are given sometimes they aren’t, at the end of the day we need to take responsibility for what we can control. The fact that Alonso had momentum and was taller than Bellerin made it look worse than it was. At the end of the day regardless of what you think it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. No fight, no desire, and we were punished.

After a poor first half like that surely the players should respond. Not us. Not against a team like this. No we are just too intimidated, not on the same level. With respect to Hazard, its like as if Coquelin and both our centrebacks had this deep desire to roll out a red carpet for him. This was the second time in two weeks that Coquelin refused to point out the danger and challenge his man. On both occasions he could have prevented a goal but didn’t.

It is enough to pull your hair out. We have Xhaka who was brought in for this very thing, but he is TOO aggressive and gets himself sent off. Then you have Coquelin, who can’t see when a player is making a dangerous run and errs of the side of caution, refuses to take a yellow card which could prevent a goal. Against Watford you might get a away with it (we didn’t) but against Chelsea, Hazard is going to punish you.

The third goal, well its almost laughable. It’s like some sadist writes the script for some of these players and makes it really easy to see the salt being rubbed into the wound. Remember Robin Van Persie’s first match against us, where Vermaelen put the ball on a platter for him to score? This time it was Petr Cech’s turn to feed the ball to Cesc Fabregas, our ex-captain who so bitterly left us, to plant the ball into an open goal. I mean seriously. I said earlier in this letter there was a huge problem with our performances against the top 6, just 7 points in the last 21 away games with no wins, but these little micro behaviours where we reinforce our ex-players’ decisions to leave our club which really are a dagger to the heart. It shows that we don’t even have the smallest ounce of hunger within us to prove them wrong, even if its in the smallest way. We make it as easy as possible to humiliate us.

Not much left to say, the results speak for themselves. The problems at this club are deep rooted. You have an owner who openly doesn’t care about winning, he’s just ‘running a business’ and there’s you Arsene, who’s gone on record saying that fourth place is as good as a trophy. With ambition like that we can almost guarantee we will never beat our rivals nor will we win the big trophies.

It is time for change, it was time for change a long long time ago, only time will tell if this is your last year at least. Then we can think about Kroenke.

Yours faithfully,


Arsenal Blogger
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3 thoughts on “RE: Same old, same old: Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

  • Eugene Rose

    I surely agree with you mate …..its time for Arsene to go, he had his time I think we need to inject a new a coach and new players .For Kroenke its all about the money and not trophies.12 Years without a trophy tells you that something is missing at the club .PLEASE ARSENE do us all a favour and call it quits. For Ozil and Sanchez you not bigger than the club if you wanna than leave you are replaceable .

  • Alexander Chamberlain

    No fight left in this team. You can see it slowly eating Alexis away. He seems to be on the same path as Fabregas, Van Persie et al. It’s the same every year, you’d think that a decent manager would try and improve it year on year. However, Arsene thinks mediocrity is fine and he has the security from the board. He’s been allowed to form a feeble side that plays pretty football that often fails to beat the top sides and also fails to break down many lower sides resilient defences.

    There will be no change in the mentality of the side until the manager and the board changes their mentality. We need fighters, people who care about winning throughout the club. Not some good-looking, social networking, selfie-taking nancy boys who don’t care about their performance as long as the paycheck arrives on time. Time for Arsene to leave, time for a new mentality and an overhaul of the current squad. Remove those who have the relaxed mentality, and find players who care and actually feel a part of the club, and that identity will only come from trophies that galvanise players.