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Dear Arsene,

Hope you are enjoying the Euros. It is great to see you on the TV coverage, even saw you shaking Pogba’s hand, does that mean he is coming to us? Only joking (but seriously, how good would that be?).

It is no secret that we need a top class striker to join the club, we are seriously lacking that x-factor up front when it comes to killing off teams and getting the vitals wins we need for Premier League success. With the Vardy deal seemingly going cold is it more important than ever to start looking at other targets.

Football is a funny game, many will say we need defensive reinforcements given the goals we leaked last season, I disagree. Football is all about ebb and flow, we do have the ball most of the time, teams frustrate us, we cannot score and eventually we get caught on the counter. No matter how good your defence is, getting caught on the counter attack will always leave you vulnerable.

If a goal is scored early by a clinical striker, it changes the entire dynamic of the game. Once we go ahead it us up to the other team to score. The pressure is on them, and they eventually attack and then we get caught on the counter attack. I know I am simplifying it a lot but this happens to us more often than not. A proven goalscorer will solve many of our problems.

We need to be able to sign a player who can create something out of nothing so that even the most stubborn of defences will be no match:

Someone who can run at (and get past) defenders regularly

It is no coincidence that the last time we were very successful, Theirry Henry was our main striker. This man at his peak used his pace, but more importantly he ran at defenders, ran past them and made them look like amateurs. Not only is skill required but also the confidence. We have plenty of players in our squad like Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain who have plenty of pace but they hardly use this pace to dribble past defenders. The confidence simply isn’t there.

Aubameyang fits this mould. He will take his time on the ball before a sudden explosion of pace, and will be a nightmare to defend against.

Someone who has immense technical ability

Once again, let’s think back to Bergkamp. A player who with his skill and immense touch would find a way to unlock even the tightest of defences. We have plenty of players in the squad with technical ability it is no secret you loves players like this, however I hardly saw many goals last season which were as a result of pure skill. This needs to change.

A cheeky flick, a quick turn, some quick feet are what’s required.

Such a player is very difficult to find but the closest in the market at the moment would be Edinson Cavani.

I really hope we can sign a striker soon and get our business done early. We can then focus on other areas such as centre back and perhaps a winger.

Yours faithfully,

Arsenal Blogger

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