Every so often, actually, very often you’ll read something ridiculous about our wonderful football club. Often you’ll just shake your head, laugh or just give the eyes a roll at how some out there are just pathetic excuses for journalists. Every so often, however, you just cannot ignore some of […]

Why Adrian Durham could not be more wrong about Arsene ...

Petr Cech has joined us. It is the quality world-class goalkeeper we have craved since the days of Jens Lehmann. There’s a perception by many football analysts that a goalkeeper’s influence on a team isn’t that great, and as such they don’t cost as much in the transfer market as […]

Why Petr Cech is worth 10 points a season to ...

Not long to go now in the season as April is drawing to a close and May is upon us. We have another four games to renew our membership in the Champions League club, a club we’ve been a member for the last 15 years. Standing in our way are […]

Champions League race set for a photo finish amongst London ...

Dear Arsene, So here we are after another loss against one of the bigger teams. Time and again we fall short against the big guns and get put in our place. You and I both know we are better than that, so why does this keep happening? Just like in […]

Arsenal must start braver against the big teams: Chelsea 2-0 ...

Our season had started with a solid defensive foundation. The chief engineer, Steve Bould, trained our men to create a fortress in front of our goal, ensuring we made a decent start to the season. Unfortunately against Chelsea, we got all our measurements wrong and the wall collapsed in a […]

The case of the missing Mertesacker: Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Another Saturday at the Emirates is upon us and we welcome the boys from West Brom in our latest Premier League outing. As we run into a decent run of form, our biggest enemy is the person staring at us in the mirror and his complacency. It was around this […]

No deja vu please: West Brom preview