Tottenham Hotspur could win the league. Makes me sick to the stomach to even contemplate the possibility let alone it being a reality. A confidence shot, out of form, demotivated Arsenal visited White Hart Lane yesterday. Even the most ardent of Gooners would have thought we would lose this one, […]

Arsenal must now build momentum from Spurs’ draw

Every so often, actually, very often you’ll read something ridiculous about our wonderful football club. Often you’ll just shake your head, laugh or just give the eyes a roll at how some out there are just pathetic excuses for journalists. Every so often, however, you just cannot ignore some of […]

Why Adrian Durham could not be more wrong about Arsene ...

Barring miracles or divine intervention in the Champions League or Premier League, Arsenal will finish without a trophy for a seventh straight season. After the body blow of a Milan mauling, it was cold afternoon in the north-west that was our undoing in the FA Cup. Now there is nothing […]

Another empty year: Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal

Saturday afternoon was a shock of sorts. We all knew we were capable of it, but even the most die-hard Gooner couldn’t have seen this one coming. After spending all of January in our shell, we not only came out of our shell for February, we jumped out, and ran […]

Seventh heaven: Arsenal 7-1 Blackburn Rovers