Ah the silly season. The season where there’s no football being played and all the papers go absolutely mental with rumours, innuendo and transfer speculation.  Before I comment on Rooney, I’d like to discuss who will leave. There’s a hell of a lot of more certainty with regards to the […]

Clearing Arsenal’s deadwood: Can they afford Wayne Rooney’s wages?

Barring miracles or divine intervention in the Champions League or Premier League, Arsenal will finish without a trophy for a seventh straight season. After the body blow of a Milan mauling, it was cold afternoon in the north-west that was our undoing in the FA Cup. Now there is nothing […]

Another empty year: Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal

  “I can’t wait to go back to America.” “Can I come too?” Rarely am I sitting here not knowing where to start, but here I am, starting off this match report with an amalgamation of emotions. I’m lost, shocked, confused and of course angry. In life when things don’t […]

Milan Madness: AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal and Sunderland preview

I felt a sense of inevitability watching this game. We’ve lost to Manchester United that many times in recent years, it didn’t really matter if we played brilliantly or badly, I felt the result was always going to be the same. It’s always same story, different day against these guys. […]

Floundering fullbacks (again!) and the sorry substitution: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester ...