This post is brought to you by Discount football kits The season draws to a close and Arsenal once again are battling for Champions League football. I say once again to highlight the fact that the North London giants appeared to many to have stagnated quite considerably in the last […]

Potential Arsenal transfer targets

It is the international break. I am bored. I don’t have much to say on our boys, apart from the fact that I really would like there to be no injuries come Saturday when we play Norwich. In the mean time, please enjoy this selection of photos of our boys, […]

What did Arsenal’s players look like when they were younger?

It’s been a long time between drinks. After our Newcastle heroics we have to wait a full nine days for our next match, courtesy of our FA Cup exit. I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about everyone’s favourite topic, transfer gossip!

Arsenal transfer gossip: Podolski, Vertonghen, Gotze and Hazard

The Emirates Cup was meant to be Thierry Henry’s homecoming, a joyous occasion. Joy however, turned to despair as the Emirates faithful turned on their own players after another poor performance. I do not like booing, I think it is unnecessarily negative and really doesn’t show ‘support’ a ‘supporter’ should […]

I don’t support the booing, but I don’t condemn it ...

Dear Xavi and friends, For years you and your friends have all had ridiculous, unnecessary opinions on Cesc Fabregas and his potential transfer to Barcelona. This week you’ve personally come out and said he is ‘suffering’ at Arsenal, while your good friend, the Barcelona mayor (who has absolutely nothing to […]

My open letter to Xavi and Barcelona