It is the international break. I am bored. I don’t have much to say on our boys, apart from the fact that I really would like there to be no injuries come Saturday when we play Norwich. In the mean time, please enjoy this selection of photos of our boys, […]

What did Arsenal’s players look like when they were younger?

Our favourite part time CK model and full time football has decided to hang up the boots. Freddie Ljungberg will be remembered fondly for his red hair, outgoing character and attacking prowess in the midfield. His most notable achievement would probably be as part of the invincibles, but from an […]

Ljungberg rides off into the sunset

  “I can’t wait to go back to America.” “Can I come too?” Rarely am I sitting here not knowing where to start, but here I am, starting off this match report with an amalgamation of emotions. I’m lost, shocked, confused and of course angry. In life when things don’t […]

Milan Madness: AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal and Sunderland preview

After being up in seventh heaven when we disposed of Blackburn so comprehensively, we were brought back to earth to an uncomfortable cold winter’s afternoon in the North-East against a team of tenaciously tough Tynesiders. It was never going to be a walk in the park. Just as we looked […]

Supersubs save the day: Sunderland 1-2 Arsenal

Saturday afternoon was a shock of sorts. We all knew we were capable of it, but even the most die-hard Gooner couldn’t have seen this one coming. After spending all of January in our shell, we not only came out of our shell for February, we jumped out, and ran […]

Seventh heaven: Arsenal 7-1 Blackburn Rovers

It’s hard to believe after our resurgence in recent months that we are able to get through an entire month without a Premier League win. No Premier League wins, but vital wins in cup competitions? Sounds like August all over again. We are officially in a mid-season slump and must […]

January is the new August: Bolton 0-0 Arsenal

Arsenal football club, a club with a rich history and known for being unique in the English game for having its style of open attacking football, or are they? An impressive Swansea would beg to differ, and from their performance on Sunday, it’s easy to see why. We were beaten […]

Beaten at our own game: Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

Don’t you sometimes get that feeling of deja vu? Something happens and something inside of you tells you that the exact same thing occurred before, you feel as though history is repeating itself. Deja vu took centre stage accompanied with a dose of magic, as the bronze statue outside the […]

Form is temporary, class is permanent: Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United

The Emirates Cup was meant to be Thierry Henry’s homecoming, a joyous occasion. Joy however, turned to despair as the Emirates faithful turned on their own players after another poor performance. I do not like booing, I think it is unnecessarily negative and really doesn’t show ‘support’ a ‘supporter’ should […]

I don’t support the booing, but I don’t condemn it ...