Manchester United

Every so often, actually, very often you’ll read something ridiculous about our wonderful football club. Often you’ll just shake your head, laugh or just give the eyes a roll at how some out there are just pathetic excuses for journalists. Every so often, however, you just cannot ignore some of […]

Why Adrian Durham could not be more wrong about Arsene ...

It is now mid-March and we are really getting into the business end of the season. This is a crucial time for us and a time we have notoriously been known for falling away. A clinical performance against West Ham supplemented an effective performance against Manchester United. It is clear […]

Two sides of the tactical coin for Arsenal against Manchester ...

In this race for the title in 2013/14 we have burst off the starting blocks, sitting five points clear at the top, and eight points clear of our opponents in tomorrow’s game. We’ve had an easy fixture list admittedly, however, it is still important to win against the so-called lesser […]

Manchester United v Arsenal preview: A mental battle more than ...

1. We finally got off to a good start, but couldn’t keep it up Throughout this entire season its been all about the comeback. We have been such a reactive team, only really starting to play when we concede. Over 60% of our goals this season have been in the […]

4 things we learned from Arsenal 1-1 Manchester United

Our bodies contain two vital organs. The heart and the brain are equally important to our being however, can behave in contrasting ways. What you might feel may be totally different from the reality. This is how I am feeling as we embark on another trip to Old Trafford.

Manchester United v Arsenal preview: Heart says yes, brain says ...

I felt a sense of inevitability watching this game. We’ve lost to Manchester United that many times in recent years, it didn’t really matter if we played brilliantly or badly, I felt the result was always going to be the same. It’s always same story, different day against these guys. […]

Floundering fullbacks (again!) and the sorry substitution: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester ...

Green Day’s famous hit is probably sums up the feeling I have right now, for many reasons. First off apologies for no blog post, post-Udinese and pre-Man United, I’ve been quite sick and this coupled with Ramadan commitments and Eid celebrations makes for very little time indeed. I’m back now […]

Wake me up when September (August) ends: Man United 8-2 ...