And so we arrive at the end of the road after a long journey. It’s been a journey that hasn’t been all smooth sailing, there have been some rough waves and nasty obstacles. In the end, he roughed it out and finished ahead of the enemy with one last push, […]

Happy St Totteringham’s Day! West Bromwich Albion 2-3 Arsenal

Saturday afternoon was a shock of sorts. We all knew we were capable of it, but even the most die-hard Gooner couldn’t have seen this one coming. After spending all of January in our shell, we not only came out of our shell for February, we jumped out, and ran […]

Seventh heaven: Arsenal 7-1 Blackburn Rovers

It’s hard to believe after our resurgence in recent months that we are able to get through an entire month without a Premier League win. No Premier League wins, but vital wins in cup competitions? Sounds like August all over again. We are officially in a mid-season slump and must […]

January is the new August: Bolton 0-0 Arsenal

I felt a sense of inevitability watching this game. We’ve lost to Manchester United that many times in recent years, it didn’t really matter if we played brilliantly or badly, I felt the result was always going to be the same. It’s always same story, different day against these guys. […]

Floundering fullbacks (again!) and the sorry substitution: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester ...

Pulsating. Riveting. Heart-stopping. Passion. Relief. Elation. Desire. Belief. I could go on. Watching this game was a fluctuating sea of emotions which culminated in a huge wave of elation and relief when our captain was able to guide us safely to a totally unexpected three points. By far our best […]

London is Red and Chelsea have the Blues: Chelsea 3-5 ...

Being an Arsenal fan is an emotional rollercoaster. Whether it be the slick sexy football that takes your breath away, or the dreadful defending that chokes the life out of you, there’s always something happening in the drama-filled Arsenal world. So naturally I felt a sense of emptiness at the […]

Lady Luck (finally) on Arsenal’s side: Marseille review and Stoke ...

Our Champions League campaign has now kicked off with a respectable 1-1 result in Germany. It wasn’t vintage Arsenal by any means, but we all know that even at the best of times, playing a decent European team in a crazy atmosphere such as Dortmund is always difficult. Despite conceding […]

One point I’ll take: Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Arsenal