Tottenham Hotspur could win the league. Makes me sick to the stomach to even contemplate the possibility let alone it being a reality. A confidence shot, out of form, demotivated Arsenal visited White Hart Lane yesterday. Even the most ardent of Gooners would have thought we would lose this one, […]

Arsenal must now build momentum from Spurs’ draw

After a midweek thrashing by Bayern Munich it was important to bounce back and get a win against Tottenham Hotspur. What materialised was a tired performance in which we were lucky to get a point from. A combination of injuries, a determined Spurs outfit and tiredness throughout the squad ensured […]

Arsenal escape with a point in the North London derby: ...

1. Sherwood got his tactics all wrong I don’t know about you, but playing against an Arsenal side who loves to pass in the midfield and dominate possession, you’d think you’d want some extra men in that midfield to counter that threat? Instead Sherwood picks only four in the middle, […]

Four reasons why we beat Spurs so easily: Arsenal 2-0 ...

Not long to go now in the season as April is drawing to a close and May is upon us. We have another four games to renew our membership in the Champions League club, a club we’ve been a member for the last 15 years. Standing in our way are […]

Champions League race set for a photo finish amongst London ...

There’s something about the North London derby and the way we dominate it. Some things just never change. No matter how bad things get, (and things got pretty bad in the last few weeks), we always get up for the North London derby and ensure Sp*rs remain forever in our shadow.

Same score, different day: Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hotspur

What can possibly cheer you up after two devastating cup exits? When there is nothing to play for this season, surely nothing can make a Gooner happy right? Wrong. Beating Spurs. Beating them after being 2-0 down. Beating them after they cheated. Beating them by putting not 3, not 4, […]

Forever in our shadow: Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Its that time of year again where we make that short four mile trip to ‘Shite Hart Lane’ to play the old enemy. The noisy neighbours have become louder than ever in recent times, but its time we put them in their place and get them to shut the hell […]

There is only one team in North London: Tottenham preview