In what can only be described as the football equivalent of reading a horror novel, Arsenal’s fixtures after the game against Palace this weekend are as follows: 8 Feb – Liverpool (A) 12 Feb – Manchester United (H) 14-17 Feb – Liverpool (H) 19 Feb – Bayern Munich (H) 22 […]

Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures horror: Will they fail or will they ...

Dear Arsene, So here we are after another loss against one of the bigger teams. Time and again we fall short against the big guns and get put in our place. You and I both know we are better than that, so why does this keep happening? Just like in […]

Arsenal must start braver against the big teams: Chelsea 2-0 ...

And so Arsenal reach open a familiar door, one they have opened 12 times before, a door that leads to the knockout stages of the Champions League. As we know this door leads to other doors too, and eventually to the holy grail that is the Champions League. Each door […]

Getting back that mojo: Arsenal 2-0 Montpellier