#WengerOut: Wenger’s 4 mistakes in the North London derby 8

After doing a brilliant job of papering over the cracks in recent weeks the real Arsenal turned up (or should I say didn’t turn up) in the final ever North London derby at White Hart Lane. As has been the theme in recent years I hold the manager 100% accountable for the result. Until he leaves the club we will see more of these kinds of results:

Not starting Rob Holding

It is decisions like this that drives fans to insanity. Not only is Wenger too loyal to players that do not deserve it, he does not give game time to young players who do deserve it. Holding has been nothing short of fantastic in recent games when he’s been called upon, so why did he get dropped on this occasion? In a crisis time like this it is raw young talent who will deliver for you, even when you’ve lost the dressing room because they still have plenty left to prove. What does it do to the confidence of this lad if he isn’t getting a start. This is Joel Campbell and Lucas Perez all over again. When Wenger was respected as a manager he was praised for grooming young talent and giving players a chance, but the deeper you look the more you see that he destroys careers just as much.

Starting Giroud

I like Giroud but what in God’s name has he done in recent times to warrant a starting spot? Even in the win against Manchester City he was poor. Against Spurs yesterday he was static, he was off the pace and made little or no influence on the game whatsoever. Danny Welbeck is a player Spurs worry about. In recent derbies his pace has given them plenty to think about and when he came late on in this game he stretched them a little bit but by then the game was gone. It is so bleedingly obvious what he should have done but he just as stubborn as ever.

Starting Ramsey

I have never been one of those Arsenal fans who makes Ramsey a scapegoat, mainly because Wenger played him out of position for so many years but that’s another story. This time he has been playing in the middle, but what exactly does he do? Serious question. Against Manchester City his mistake led to the goal and in this game his tame shot almost led to another. He is being played in his preferred position yet he doing nothing to warrant a starting spot #WengerLogic.

He failed to motivate his players

This may sound obvious but there’s no other way I can describe it. It is obvious we were second best in that first half. They really should have been out of sight 2 or 3 ahead. So when we enter the dressing room with the score still at 0-0, we are arguably in a terrific position. The mentality should be to come out with positive mindset and snatch the game, make them regret their misses. What happened? The complete opposite, not only did they score relatively quickly after the break, we conceded quickly after and typically let our heads drop. We have no mental strength whatsoever, no motivation to snatch the game when we aren’t playing well, and no heart or desire to come back after we go behind. I could talk about this for days, this has been the same for years and years and it is only getting worse. I fear for Arsenal’s future while Wenger is in charge.



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8 thoughts on “#WengerOut: Wenger’s 4 mistakes in the North London derby

  • Delle Alli

    Even with your best eleven and zero problems you were never going to beat this current Spurs side so accept it.

    Like Alli said….North London is ours 😀

  • Sharkio

    You think that’s a tough and unsentimental analysis, but it’s not.
    One of Arsenal’s biggest problems is Ozil. I’m sure you all love him but he wouldn’t even get on the Spurs bench. He’s a lazy ponce with a hyper-inflated idea of his own value. What skills he does have — vision and accuracy, with a range of passing — are completely undermined by his lousy work rate, pompous attitude and sense of entitlement.
    Who’s to blame for that? Wenger — and you. Arsenal fans can’t see what’s right in front of them. Wenger indulges Ozil and in return Ozil duly does sweet FA to earn his place in the side. No wonder the rest of the team is dispirited. If I was in that dressing room I’d give that lazy prick a smack and tell him to put in a shift or fuck off. No Spurs player would get away with putting in zero effort, zero tackles, zero aggression.
    But you people all regard him as something special. And that’s why your team is so rotten. Sanchez is just as vain and selfish, but at least he does some work.
    As long as you’ve got that stinking Wenger-Ozil combination, your side will always suck.

  • Peter Benovsky

    Giroud needs press and motivation, but this can make a serious and ambitious coach, such as Diego Simeone, for example, or Antonio Conte. Coaches who do not sit on the bench and do not wipe their nose by hand but burn to the touch line… Ramsey is a frivolous player, he hardly keeps his balance, constantly slipping and losing the ball. Of course, Arsenal has a serious problem with the players. The team has many middle-class players for a team from 6 to 10 in the table. But the main problem is Wenger. He is already older and lacks character, a contemporary vision of the game. He failed to teach players how to make a real press, how to play harder, how to rule the ball, how to make a precise pass … players are totally lacking in spirit and concentration, kicking anemic, inaccurate, unconcentrated, have no real sporting spirit and a desire for victory, they have poor physical training…
    But what do you expect from Wenger and his favorites – Iwobi and Walcott, Montreal, Gabriel, Ramsey and Ox. This is second Everton or Southampton.
    Finally, I will tell you something very important – the big players go after the big coaches. If Wenger here, no serious player will sign with Arsenal. This is going to be a real punishment for all of us, I have no more nerves … Let all fans to make a BOYCOTT and not to visit the remaining matches until the end of this tour that will force the board to fire Wenger at last.
    Friends, do not waste your time, do not get tired at the stadium … This year we will be in 6th place.
    Wenger out!!!

  • Gwin

    @the original poster, you were making sense until you mentioned Ramsey. It seems you didn’t watch the match. Aside that tame shot, Ramsey was only 2nd to Cech in terms effort in an arsenal game where the players didn’t turn up. If the rest of the outfield players(9 out of 10) had contributed as much as Ramsey, maybe we could have gotten at least a point. Go watch the game again.

  • mannix

    You can say it again and again but Wenger won’t listen or undo his mistake, as you ask why Rob holding wasn’t started despite his recent for and work rate, I also the same question since we played our first Champions league final against barca, why didn’t Flamini who was dubbed Gatuzo for his defending skills is not starting, and trusted Ashley Cole who came from long term injury. Why did he sacrifice Pires instead of Hleb who is not a good finisher after all. Why didn’t he realize time for Reyes to replace either Hleb and Henry when it was certain Henry threw more clear cut chances. And this went on and on and on, benched performing player in good match in favor of his favourite, Diaby, Walcott, Eboue and Bentner. Wenger is deluded c*nt who preferred to give underated player more time in the expense of the team in order to see if he can fetch something.

  • mannix

    Peter Benovsky, what you said today, we said 8 years ago when David Dein left the club following by Thierry Henry, some fans saw it coming and decide enough is enough no business doing in a sinking ship and jump to Chelsea. We even orchestrates for full boycott from buying season ticket to merchandise. But they kept giving empty promise and sent propaganda in media of signing big names but nothing happened. Until Arsenal fans agreed in unison to boycott buying anything from the club, the board will realize our importance and start giving us attention. In the mean time go and book next season ticket and the song will not change. Wenger will sign two year unconditional contract. Keep losing in the beginning of February you will bring banners calling for Wenger out, they will ignores you and count profit while you remains a laughing stoke not only from Man utd, Chelsea or Man City but also spuds and other upcoming teams like Leicester.

  • Malaysian gunner

    The real Arsenal.Me thinks the fm is deluded .Tactically he is a one
    dimensional artist who tried to imitate Barca and has failed repeatedly.
    That’s why its better Arsenal not finish 3rd/4th.Why?
    They are there to make up the nos and fill the coffers for US guy.
    The 2 heavy defeats by Bm underlined the yawning gap in class.
    The fm has refused to make Arsenal defensively strong or make them hard to beat thinking his attacking play will sweep all before him.
    Alas. Its easier to play anti soccer and hit on the break.
    Enough is enough.