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Every so often, actually, very often you’ll read something ridiculous about our wonderful football club. Often you’ll just shake your head, laugh or just give the eyes a roll at how some out there are just pathetic excuses for journalists. Every so often, however, you just cannot ignore some of these characters and their idiocy needs to be given the red card.

So a fellow by the name of Adrian Durham wrote in his column for the Daily Mail that “If Arsenal win the Premier League it’ll be down to pure luck… not great management by Arsene Wenger”. He lists five reasons why he thinks this is so:

Alexis Sanchez only joined Arsenal because it was in London

And Wenger had nothing at all to do with the transfer, right? Never mind the fact that a full TWO months before the season ended Wenger found out Sanchez was available and set up meetings with Barcelona. Never mind the fact there was an agreement in principle in May. Never mind the fact that Liverpool only wanted Sanchez late in the piece as a bargaining chip for the Suarez deal. Never mind the fact that Liverpool were offering higher wages yet Wenger still convinced Sanchez to join us. Never mind the fact that Sanchez was so keen to join us he cut short his holiday to sign on the dotted line for us. Never mind the fact that he stated on several occasions that Wenger was absolutely key in bringing him to our club. London is indeed a better location than Liverpool but to say that Wenger did nothing and location was the only reason for Sanchez joining us is down right insulting. Does this ‘journalist’ even do his research before making such ludicrious claims?

Petr Cech only joined Arsenal because it was in London

Really? You want to go there again? Geez this guy really doesn’t have a clue does he? This guy needs a history lesson. I’m sure he believes this deal started and ended in 2015, given his level of ignorance. That is not the case at all. Wenger spoke to Cech in 2004 and tried to sign him from Rennes, with only work permit issues stopping him from becoming an Arsenal player. In 2013 Wenger believed that Courtois was coming back from loan to be the no 1 and made enquiries again for Cech, but it was not to be. This year he finally got his man. Yes Cech wanted to remain in London, but once again, Durham claims Wenger had nothing to do with it. Wenger maintained a relationship with the player for more than a decade. Cech ideally would have loved to have finished his career with Chelsea, however when things didn’t work out there was one thing on his mind, Arsenal. Like Sanchez, Cech has stated that Wenger played a pivotal role in him signing for Arsenal. Cech also rejected huge wages from PSG, he chose Arsenal, the club that has wanted him for over a decade, a manager who wanted him for so long. So the claim that Cech has ‘no burning desire to be at Arsenal or play under Wenger’ is ludicrously false.

Recalling Francis Coquelin from loan was ‘pure luck’

OK never mind the fact that Wenger scouted him at such a young age and now has a world class defensive midfielder who he paid peanuts for, or was that also pure luck? His loan at Charlton was only for half the season so the recall was only a few weeks early.  If the manager didn’t think Coquelin would be up to Arsenal standard he would have made the loan a full season from the start. Despite the fact that Coquelin was recalled amidst an injury crisis the fact that he was recalled was because the manager had faith in him. Wenger doesn’t recall players from loan on a whim, it rarely happens. With the current injury crisis he could easily call back Gnabry or Akpom, but he isn’t. Durham claims in his ‘article’ that Wenger was going to sell Coquelin. Here is the full quote from Wenger:

“I told him to give absolutely everything until Christmas, then we would see together where he was. In myself, [I thought] if he doesn’t play at Christmas at all, and there’s only six months of his contract to go, I [would] let him go somewhere else”.

That sounds like a manager that knows what he is doing. He was only going to sell Coquelin if he wasn’t playing regularly, but not only was playing regularly, he was playing well enough to be recalled to Arsenal. To dismiss all the work the manager has done and to conclude that Coquelin coming back was just luck is absurd and preposterous.

Chelsea imploding and Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement

May I ask, were Chelsea and Manchester United lucky from 2005-2013, when they were dominating the Premier League? Of course they were (according to Durham)! Wenger had a limited transfer budget therefore he was not able to compete. Wenger’s teams in those year were close to winning titles but ‘imploded’ at the end of the season!

If Durham wants to argue one thing now when Wenger’s rivals are suffering, he must then say that title winning teams of Chelsea and Manchester United were also lucky, but he has done no such thing and will never admit that.

No matter which year you look at, Premier League title races tend to be two horse race affairs at the end of the day. The fact that Chelsea and United aren’t competing for the title this season is irrelevant because it’s a race between Manchester City and Arsenal. Durham had nothing to say about the biggest team in Manchester these days, I wonder if he even looks at the table? I mean surely if you are going to make an argument that it is 100% luck, and that all the horses fell and Wenger’s Arsenal was the last horse standing, that you would mention Manchester City? He knows he can’t. Such a terrible argument.

Arsene Wenger who has been widely criticised in recent years for his tactics has got it spot on against both Manchester teams this year, like he did against Chelsea in the Community Shield. But for the controversial sending off of Gabriel at Stamford Bridge he may have had a win there too. Wenger does not have control of what other teams do, but he has shown that he can compete against his biggest rivals when he is up against them.

Wenger has his strengths and weaknesses, but on thing is for sure, he is very shrewd in his transfer dealings. Players want to play for Wenger and he has an enormous about of influence to get the best out of his players. To say that this great start to the season is absolutely none of Wenger’s doing is ignorant, pathetic and down right disrespectful. It is absolutely shocking what passes for ‘journalism’ these days, and I sincerely hope the majority of real journalists actually do their research, instead of the dreadful drivel produced here by Durham.

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6 thoughts on “Why Adrian Durham could not be more wrong about Arsene Wenger

  • Mark

    I read his article as well and tbh he should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed I’ve never read such complete rubbish, journalists like this should be accountable when they print crap like this!

  • scully

    Just ignore the twat caledl A Durham, the guy is a know-nothing jumped up shock jock, merely looking to provoke a response to his hate filled fuckery which he spouts!

  • Roy j hunt

    Adrian Durham’s 3hr program depends on listeners biting his controversial comments.
    His picking on mainly sports personnel especially Arsene Wenger is decidedly cowardly.
    His opinions are to be ignored by anyone with any sense.

  • John Abraham

    Who is Adrian Durham? Did you say he is a “journalist”? I doubt it. I guess he gets paid to score hits as many Arsenal and Arsene haters will access his column just to see what he has to say about Arsene. I have read him before and I think he is crap. We Arsenal fans know better. Even though we would like to win trophies every year (which genuine fan wouldn’t?) we appreciate what Arsene has done for our football club. All the years of austerity, he kept us in the top four. I know some managers who would have absconded for greener pastures but Arsene stayed to build the club to where it is today. If the man leaves today, he will leave big shoes to fill because for the past 20 years, he has been synonymous with everything good about Arsenal. So, what to do with Adrian Durham? I say ignore him. He is not worth the time or the effort.

  • Iceman

    Adrian Durham is a disgrace to his profession. He is clearly a spud who loves to attack Arsenal at every turn. So many people would take pleasure in giving him a sturdy boot in the nuts!